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Sports Coaching for Children aged 5-12 Years Old

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We provide child centred, exciting sports coaching for children aged 5-12 years old. Founded by a collection of PE Teachers, professional Football academy coaches and business professionals with over 14 years’ experience in coaching, SkillsCoach has become a well-respected leader of sports coaching in West London. Started in 2017 the company was created with a desire to simplify the coaching industry from a ‘performance’ heavy approach to a whole child holistic approach that is embedded in coaching and teaching knowledge.


Unlike other coaching companies that make promises of developing the next professional footballer we believe in improving the coaching experience for children and parents through our PLAY-LEARN-PERFORM philosophy. Over the past 4 years we have developed and refined our approach to coaching that enables boys and girls to PLAY the sports they love, LEARN the fundamentals of physical literacy whilst also building the foundations to PERFORM sport specific skills appropriate to key stages of learning. The SkillsCoach brand is a specialist in football coaching, however we have ambitions to develop our coaching across a variety of sports including Tennis, Cricket, Gymnastics and Athletics.


Our franchise model and support package offer experienced, motivated coaches with a fantastic opportunity to create a successful, family-focused business with minimal risk and an excellent return on investment. The SkillsCoach franchise is an opportunity for passionate individuals who are looking to achieve their financial goals and secure a positive work/life balance.

What we look for in a
Franchisee Partner


From our experience in this highly competitive industry, the single most important element of a successful coaching business is the ability to connect with people. Whether that’s children, parents, or our coaches, creating family friendly and personable experiences is what makes the business successful.

This approach has enabled us to steadily grow and consistently receive positive feedback with our customers returning again and again. As such we look for franchisees that can connect with people and their business. We believe the best coaching business owners are:


• Friendly, personable characters that can connect with children and parents.

• Honest, reliable, and trustworthy.

• Organised and solution focused.

• Motivated, ambitious people with a growth mindset.

• Passionate and enthusiastic about coaching children.

• Experienced coaches and teachers.


Our franchise business model looks to appeal to individuals who hold the above values and those who perhaps feel frustrated at their current career path. We look for franchisees who feel the next logical step in their coaching journey is more responsibility and ownership to reach their financial goals.

Whilst we want people from all backgrounds and experiences to apply for a franchisee opportunity, we also value the SkillsCoach reputation as vital for future success. As such applicants must have the time to develop and run their Skills Coach business. As a result, we only accept applications from individuals who can dedicate a minimum of 25 business hours per week to grow their franchise.






The SkillsCoach Difference


At SkillsCoach our golden thread has always been about providing personable, family friendly experiences with the children we coach, the parents we interact with and the coaches we employ. Our Franchisee Business Model is no different and as such we believe in a close working relationship that provides:


• Personalised Support
• A Partnership
• Meaningful relationships

• Bespoke targets and goal setting based on your ambitions

With the SkillsCoach Franchise Business Model…. you are your own boss; we simply provide you with the knowledge and tools to succeed.

Our growth and success over the past 4 years has been down to passion, hard work, and crucially a continuous drive to improve our operational infrastructure. Our dedication to improving our operations has helped improve efficiency in everything we do, and because of this we are able to offer these as part of our franchise package. We look to automate as many of the administrative tasks as we can which allows us, and our franchisees’ focus on delivering coaching sessions and the fun elements of building the business.


As part of our bespoke support package, we offer the following:

• Online Booking System.

• Customer Facing Website.

• Admin Management and parent communication software.

• Digital Marketing Strategy and Consulting.

• Discounted coaching equipment.

• Dedicated Accountancy & Financial Advice

• Coach Education CPD from UEFA A&B License Coaches.

• 7 days a week bespoke Mentorship and Support.

SkillsCoach Training Syllabus.

• Bespoke support in developing your Business Plan.

• Franchise Finance Options.


The Story…


SkillsCoach Founder Matt Gale enrolled to St Mary’s University studying Sports Coaching Science in 2009. After studying for 3 years Matt moved on to work for The FA, Fulham FC Foundation, Fulham FC Academy, Barnet FC and a variety of other grassroots football clubs in between. During this time Matt completed his UEFA B license and FA Youth Award whilst working for The FA and Fulham FC. Matt’s career at this time had spanned 10 years working full time and part time in a variety of roles from Head Coach, Sports Development Officer to PE Teacher. In 2017 Matt made a conscious decision to be his own boss and as such SkillsCoach was founded. Starting off with a handful of children in the very first Holiday Camp, SkillsCoach now has over three hundred customers on a weekly basis and growing.

The SkillsCoach team has developed greatly over the past few years, and with a variety of experiences from PE Teachers, FA Tutors and UEFA A license coaches we are perfectly positioned to support our franchisee partners. Our team consists of experienced coaches but crucially business professionals in digital marketing and finance. Every corner of the business has been considered and we are looking for like minded coaches to join us in our PLAY-LEARN-PERFORM journey.




Joining the Partnership


SkillsCoach was founded in 2017 with a handful of children attending sessions, because of this we have a great understanding of the opportunities and challenges of setting up and running your own business. Depending on the needs of your business, your experience and skill set we charge an upfront fee to purchase a SkillsCoach Franchise Partnership.


The upfront fee gives you access to the SkillsCoach License, branding, the online booking system, website integration, admin management system, Coach CPD and Training, SkillsCoach Syllabus as well as our Mentorship and Support. In addition, our fee’s provide access to discounted financial, marketing and business planning strategy and consulting.

Further to this, as is standard practice, franchisees are charged a management fee/royalty as part of the SkillsCoach package. These fees are charged at a percentage of the monthly revenues of the business. These fees contribute towards support staff costs, programme developments and maintenance of online systems.

• Upfront Franchise License Fee - £5000 (Can be financed through Franchise Finance)

• Management Fee – 6% of turnover

• Online Booking Fees – 4.5% +0.20p of every booking (This fee goes directly to the booking management site and not SkillsCoach)


We hope that this information provides you with a great insight into the SkillsCoach Family. Our founders would be happy to schedule a call with you to discuss the partnership and answer any further questions you may have.