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Girls Football

We have a variety of football training and coaching options tailored for girls aged 5- 16.

At SkillsCoach, we provide fun and welcoming weekly football training sessions designed for all skill levels, ensuring every girl feels included. From inclusive sessions focusing on fun and development to competitive training for girls’ teams, we aim to help every girl, love the game and reach their potential. Collaborating with Barnes Eagles FC, we coach girls’ teams from U8 to U16, some competing at the highest levels in the Surrey Youth League.


  • 5-16 years
  • Girls Only
  • Weekly Training & Performance Camps
  • Age Appropriate Sessions
  • Fun, Friendship & Development
  • Competitive Teams
  • Seriously Fun Coaching!
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At the early stage of football development, our children’s football training focuses on building both confidence and foundational skills such as dribbling, passing, receiving, and shooting. We use fun activities that enhance fundamental movement skills, including agility, balance, coordination, and speed.

Our training sessions promote skills development through decision-making, creativity, and resilience in small-sided games. Depending on each child’s ability and experience, we also begin to develop tactical understanding, such as creating space and decision-making in game-realistic scenarios. Our goal is to inspire a lifelong love of football and ensure continual learning and development.



In the Development stage of our children’s football training, we focus on mastering the ball through game-related activities involving dribbling, passing, receiving, and shooting. Our action packed sessions are specifically designed to develop the thinking of ‘When,’ ‘Where,’ and ‘How’ to perform skills. We emphasize decision-making, problem-solving, and boosting confidence to understand attacking and defending principles. During this phase, we improve game understanding through bigger games and game-relevant scenarios, ensuring comprehensive skills development and continuous learning in football.

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10-12 YR OLDS

In the Advanced group, our football training takes mastering the game to the next level with exciting, game-related activities and high-intensity practices. We aim to make players effective at scoring, creating, and stopping goals. These dynamic drills not only refine their core technical skills but also deepen their game understanding. At this crucial stage, we challenge problem-solving and decision-making abilities, teaching the ‘When,’ ‘Where,’ and ‘How’ in both attacking and defending scenarios. Our goal is to inspire and develop confident, skilled players who love the game!


  • My sons (7 and 10) have both loved Skills Coach Football sessions. For my eldest his skills have hugely improved and for my youngest it’s been about his confidence. Previously he didn’t have the confidence but now he’s had a real boost, he loves getting involved. 

    Natasha – Mum

  • My sons (7 and 10) have both loved Skills Coach Football sessions. For my eldest his skills have hugely improved and for my youngest it’s been about his confidence. Previously he didn’t have the confidence but now he’s had a real boost, he loves getting involved. 

    Ben – Dad

  • My two sons (6 and 8) attended the football camp run by SkillsCoach & Barnes Eagles at Barn Elms Sports Trust. Very easy to book. Early drop off options. And most importantly, the boys absolutely loved it!

    Jane – Mum

  • Both my children (9 & 7) have really enjoyed Wednesday night sessions, holiday camps, Saturday mornings and 1:1s. They love football and they have loved developing their skills with Matt and the team. Both boys have been supported so wonderfully by the coaches. I would highly recommend.

    Laura – Mum


Your child will enhance their ball manipulation, technique, game understanding, and movement in a safe, structured, and enjoyable setting. Guided by our experienced coaches, each session has a specific topic designed with fun, age-specific drills and games, ensuring that every player is challenged and supported. Our ultimate goal is to help every child reach their potential.

Children can start our weekly football training sessions as young as 5 years old (although some begin at 4). However, we recommend parents have their child try a free class first. It needs to be the right environment and challenge so they build confidence and feel competent – we want them to love the game!



Yes, our football training runs parallel to the state school term time in your area. To confirm session dates, check out our booking page where we detail all details including days, dates and times.

For activities during the holidays, visit our Holiday Camp page to explore the action packed holiday camps available in your area.

A child can train as often as they like! The more they practice, the more they’ll improve. SkillsCoach training is typically just one component of various football activities, like with friends at school, in their local team or in the park. Even if SkillsCoach training is their sole football training, it will still provide significant benefits over the months of training. As emphasised, we encourage children to play as much as they want and crucially, as much as parents can organise. It’s not easy being a full time parent!

Starting your child’s football journey is simple: encourage them to just start playing. Whether it’s in the garden, at the nearby park, during school breaks, or at a structured SkillsCoach session, the key is to get them involved. To kick things off, consider booking a structured training session at one of our weekly training sessions. Visit our booking page and get started! The time is now!

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